I am sitting in the shade outside a kitschy shop in Valença that doesn’t re-open for another five minutes. Adele has has wandered off on me, but was aiming to come to this shop, so I’m hopeful that she’ll be here soon. It is hot today. The weather app says 33 C.

Today’s walk was a short one, which was a good thing after yesterday’s slog. We sauntered from Casa da Capela to Hotel Lara in about 3.5 hours, in mostly downhill trajectory, with little to report. We stopped in a couple of capelas to light candles for people. The second time Adele put in €2 and about 10 candles lit up, so everyone should feel well covered. We also stopped at a restaurante & bar along the way, where the barman made us fresh squeezed lemonade.

After checking in early at our hotel, we’ve come up to the old walled city, which is where Adele and I briefly parted ways. Now back together, Adele tells me that she meant the tourism information office, which I point out is not a shop. ‘Whatever, I can’t find it.’ I say to follow me, and set off down the cobbled road.

‘It’s not down that way’, Adele calls to me.

‘Yes, it is’, I say. ‘Trust me.’

‘It’s closer to where we came in.’

‘No, it’s this way.’

I am right, of course. We go to the tourism office and get our pilgrim passports stamped, look around in a few shops, and then return to the hotel. It’s too damn hot for unnecessary walking, and besides, we have a long day tomorrow. We’ll be leaving Portugal and getting our first look at Spain.

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