It’s been a January kind of week, even though it’s March. Which is to say, I’ve done things that look back to the past, and something that is more forward looking. Perhaps that is my nature? Born on the cusp of the year, perhaps I am always pulled backwards and forwards at the same time. Maybe that’s why I like buying new music on vinyl.

The backwards part involves shaving.

Many years ago – decades, even – I had the most amazing cartridge razor that I’ve ever known. It wasn’t expensive or fancy. It was a Wilkinson two-blade system. It shaved close without being irritating. But in my early twenties I decided shaving was a bother, so I stopped doing it. And by the time I decided to start again, several years later, the blades were no longer available.

Over the years since, I’ve used other cartridge razors. Gillette, Schick, Bic, and so on. None of them were as good as the Wilkinson. Most were ridiculously expensive, at least when it comes to buying replacement cartridges. I don’t like just throwing things away, so I haven’t used disposables much. When I have, they haven’t done a very good job.

So this week, after much research, I bought a safety razor – or DE (double edge), as the online, self-proclaimed aficionados put it.  I threw some money at Amazon, and the next day I had a nice, shiny (it’s chromed) Merkur in my possession.

If there’s one thing shaving with the Merkur has taught me, it’s that multiple blades do nothing, and the bland, disposable nature of mainstream razors do nothing that a single blade can’t do better. And the DE blades are WAY cheaper. So there’s that.

The forwards part involves driving. Or rather, vehicle ownership. Or rather, non-ownership.

The other day I joined a car sharing group. Not Car2Go or Evo – since their ‘zones’ don’t extend to my corner of suburbia. Not ZipCar, since they don’t have any vehicles handy to where I live, either. I went with Modo.

Most of the time, I am more than happy to ride my motorcycle. Or I can walk. Or take transit. And this year I plan to ride my bicycle more, too. But sometimes – sometimes – four-wheeled transport is just a very  good thing. Picking up a whack of groceries, for example. Or transporting something that won’t fit in my side cases.

I don’t need the car all the time, or even all that often. I don’t want to pay for insurance, maintenance, fuel, and so on, for multiple vehicles that Adele doesn’t drive. Too much expense for too little reward. (You may have noticed a theme at this point.)

Also, I don’t feel the need to own a car, just to use one now and then. Renting them is fine, but I always end up having it for longer than I need or want. Sometimes I only need it for a couple of hours, not a whole weekend. The car share seems like a good way to go.

Unlike the razor, I haven’t had a chance yet to try the car share out. My fob should arrive in the mail next week, and after that I’ll be off to the races. Well, not literally. I would never drive that fast, officer. Honest.

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