For those who don’t know, that’s an old Roman proverb that translates as “in wine, there is truth.”

I’ve been a beer drinker for most of my adult life, and I still love good ales. Hoppy ales, stout ales, pale or red ales. I have the body of a true beer drinker: who wants a six pack when you can have a keg?

I’m also fond of whisky, and of whiskey, too. Gin, tequila, absinthe. Really, anything that isn’t bourbon or vodka.

And no, I’m not an alcoholic. I don’t drink everyday. It’s years since I drank to the point of passing out, or woke up hung over. I prefer quality to quantity. Unfortunately, quality can be just as expensive. The price of single malt or a good tequila is not for the faint of wallet.

Tonight, though, we are drinking wine. It’s the only thing Adele drinks (and only red for her, at that). On a price per volume basis, wine is a better deal than scotch, but pricier than beer. Especially here in B.C., where our provincial government seems intent on taxing us into temperance.

I’m not sure why governments feel it is their duty to protect us from ourselves in this way. The same impulse keeps pubs out of neighbourhoods here, and that likely has increased the rate of impaired driving in B.C. more than anything over the years. After all, if I can walk to and stumble from my destination, the car will likely stay in the garage.

Governments generally find it easier to regulate individuals than companies, even though a very good case can be made that the opposite should be the rule rather than the exception. Too often regulators, at least in Canada, seem to feel it is their duty to protect industries from the public. The CRTC and the National Energy Board are the best examples of this. One assumes they have taken their direction on this from the governments who appoint them. It makes you wonder whose interests these governments are really representing. Or it would, if you didn’t already know.

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